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Tri-Angel exists for the purpose of furthering the work of the Seventh-day Advent message through media. To that cause, Tri-Angel is involved in several facets of media development including planning, execution and distribution of religious content. This includes the field and studio production, coverage of live events, Internet streaming, on demand content and media disc replication.

CD/DVD Replication

Whether your ministry needs a dozen discs or a million we would like to serve that need. Discs can be produced a couple ways. One is to use laser burning technology to place an image on a blank. This is known in the industry as disc duplication. This is the method preferred when quantities are less than a few hundred. Another method is known as disc replication. In this method a special glass master disc is made from a digital file. From the master a metal die is created that has the digital pits represented as they are transferred from the master. The next step involves heating plastic beads that soften and are then formed by pressing the plastic using the metal plates. The pressed disc is bound to a second plastic disc layer resulting in a product like the discs that a major label would distribute by the millions. The cost of the process only becomes competitive with duplication when the required quantity reaches a few hundred. However, the quality and durability of a replicated product far surpasses duplication.

Tri-Angel can meet your CD and DVD needs with either duplication or replication. Additionally we can conform your image requirements to the specifications needed for disc faces as well as packaging.

Audio/Video Production & Editing

Anyone with a camera can shoot images. Those with a computer and a bit of software can edit the images. Is your objective to make a show of video images or do you have something worth investing in that you wish to communicate? Professional media production begins with obtaining clarity of the target audience and the message to be effectively communicated. With advanced planning, targeted production, precision editing and a plan for focused distribution, your message will have the best chance to be received. When it comes to spiritual matters let's work together to creatively communicate your message.

Event Support

Whether you goal is to archive the information from an event or to make it available to the world live, the event itself is a one-time occurrence. The more complex the event and your requirements, the more resources needed including equipment, people and experience. Tri-Angel has been covering events since 2000 starting with a single camera on a tripod. Today we can support a live satellite feed with concurrent Internet streaming with real-time switching across numerous cameras. Planning for an event takes time and includes understanding the expectations of the event planners, the target audience and comprehensive advance access to the event site. Consider Tri-Angel when you need coverage of your next event.

Studio Services

Coming soon. Tri-Angel operates from the campus of Mountain View Academy on S. Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View which is in the heart of Silicon Valley. The location is between two major airports, near lodging facilities and surrounded by a number of Adventist churches. At this location we are in the process of establishing a video recording studio viewed from a control room, an audio recording room and editing facilities. Our goal is not to compete with the mult-million dollar facilities that your ministry will never be able to afford. The building we are located in is a total of 2,400 sq. ft. and about half of that is an open area where a small audience can assemble to be part of the recording of a studio production.

Internet Streaming

Consider the invention of the printing press, the telephone and the motion picture. Each had their day, but with continual technology developments there have never been as many avenues of communication as now. The result is a much more difficult challenge in reaching an audience in large numbers. Live and on-demand streaming is yet another avenue that has caught the attention of advertising agencies as they survey the number of individuals that are spending time checking out streaming media.

Tri-Angel can stream your message live as well as package it for on-demand access. We can then provide you the files or host approved content on your behalf. Streaming capabilities include a variety of formats and can target both wired work stations as well as mobile devices.